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Assignment 5 – Final Facade / Perspective Rendering

Assignment 5 - Final Facade / Perspective Rendering

Spring Term is finally OVER! This was the term that just would not end – or, if you prefer, the term that just kept on giving. I have two weeks of vacation over which, of course, I will be working, picking up the shattered pieces of my life. Anyhow, above you will find a scanned […]

Assignment 4 – Plan & Section

Assignment 4 - Plan & Section

Here’s a (hastily digitized) plan of the Third Floor of this term’s studio project as of the last midterm. A section is below the fold. To see them in their full 1/8″ scale glory, click on either image. Be forewarned: they’re big.

Assignment 3 – Diagrams

Assignment 3 - Diagrams

I wish I had something interesting to say about diagrams. But I don’t. Not really. They’re one of many ways to organize thoughts and are damn important to any architectural presentation. After all, no one reads the words accompanying the images. Well, at least no one in architecture does. Have you ever read an architecture […]

ARCH 610: Digital Media

ARCH 610: Digital Media

I’m going to start doing something a little differently here, at least until March. Right now I’m taking a class called Intro to Digital Media. As part of the class, we need to create a web journal to post our assignments. I figure, why create an entirely new site when I’ve got a perfectly good […]