Scrapbook of a Future Nobleman


Ian Korn

Originally from Altadena, California, Ian Korn attended New York University, where he studied urban design, architecture, history, and studio art until graduating in 2006. He stayed on in the city to work at an architecture firm until late 2008, and with the collapse of the economy went on to spend a year teaching English to elementary schoolchildren in the south of Spain. Architecture has been his profession of choice since before he can remember, and he returned to the University of Oregon to obtain his Masters of Architecture. There, he has he had the opportunity to work on building, landscape, and urban design projects, teach several discussion sections, and write reports and present work for idea-generating studios partnered with Oregonian cities. Eager to experiment, he has collaborated on a handful of competitions. He is an active member of his church and the school’s AIAS chapter. After graduation, he hopes to find an architecture firm where he can work to slowly change the world through good design.

This website began as a way to showcase Ian’s photography. When he was 7, his father gave him his first point-and-shoot camera, and Ian has been snapping away ever since. He upgraded to an SLR in college for photography classes, and has used a well-loved Nikon D80 from 2007. Ian is also a music fanatic, so it only made sense to combine his two passions – photography and music – soon after. As he loves to experience new places, you will also find photographs from around the world and brief travel narratives. Architecture school took away much of his free time, so the site has not been updated nearly as frequently as Ian would like, but it has evolved from a simple photography website into a showcase of all his design work.

Ian puts his creative talents to good use, and is a pretty friendly guy available for almost any assignment. A portfolio for music photography is available right here; for any other type of photography, just ask for some samples. A current architecture portfolio can be viewed right here (pdf). You may contact him with questions and comments at Find him on Twitter at @iankorn.