Scrapbook of a Future Nobleman

(Another) Computer Problem, A Flood of Japanese Instagram

Kyoto Street Scene

You may be wondering why, after I went to the trouble of making a post about being in Japan and taking tons of photographs, I didn’t post anything. Well, about a week or two into the program, my computer died. Why I always have major computer issues while I’m abroad is beyond me. My poor laptop is still dead, but I’m back in the States and we have a hope of reviving it. Ironically, the computer died right after I had finished cleaning up my first set of photos from Japan and was preparing to post them. Luckily, I managed to back all of that up. So now, finally, I can borrow a computer and post those. You’ll see those posts dribbling out onto the internet over the next week or so.

During that time, you may also have noticed that the little Flickr feed at the bottom was still updating. The only way I could post any of my photos was through my Instagram. This post is nothing but my favorites of those. Enjoy!

View on the way down from Koyasan. Check out that cryptomeria.

Obey my dog!

Sunset on the Kamogawa River.

Last shot taken from one of these...

Walk home through Myoshinji temple complex.

Thomas and Reina photographing each other in Osaka.

Gion Festival lanterns.

Watching the Gion Festival float from the second floor of a restaurant.

Tea caddy pieces ready to be assembled. By hand.

The final product, new to 40 years old.

Fushimi Inarii. Torii gates for miles on the side of a hill. Just awesome.Temple roofs at Myoshinji.

Moss in a moss garden? Who would have thought...

Check out this 350-year-old Kano dragon painting. On the ceiling of a really big temple lecture hall.

Looking down at the never-ending staircase.

I think this dog is patiently explaining that the cats need to pick up after themselves.

Deer in Nara.

Shinkansen. This is how we roll.

Glowing origami cranes and the a-bomb dome in Hiroshima.

Floating torii gate at Miyajima - one of Japan's "3 Notable Views".

Spent 2.5 hours at the Ghibli Museum today. It may be the best museum EVER.

In case you were wondering... Yes, there are giant robots in Tokyo.