Scrapbook of a Future Nobleman

Pela @ Mercury Lounge

Here’s some old photos I was encouraged to post. They’re of the now-defunct band Pela playing at Mercury Lounge in New York City during the CMJ Music Marathon in 2008. While these are definitely not my best shots, it’s a good excuse to talk about one of my favorite songwriters, who is thankfully working today. Read on for more…


In short, singer Billy McCarthy went through some very tough times, including his brother committing suicide. At the same time, another band member had a kid, and Pela dissolved. Two of the members, though, decided they wanted to keep playing music and they have recast themselves as Augustines. Thank God they did! The music is just as heartfelt, although maybe not as high-energy. I’m excited to see how it plays out for these guys.





You should definitely check these guys out. Here’s a video with some of Augustine’s music and the short version of their story:

Augustines – Rise Ye Sunken Ships EPK from Matteo Bava on Vimeo.

NOTE: As of today (12/22/10), they’ve changed their new name to We Are Augustines due to a trademark issue. The website has moved to Go there for a free download of their song “Book of James.”