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Jukebox the Ghost @ Guilt by Association, Vol. 2 CD Release

Jukebox the Ghost was one of several bands asked to contribute a song to the compilation Guilt by Association, Vol. 2. Aptly named, the compilation is all covers of pop songs, most of them from the 1980’s. To celebrate its release, Jukebox performed along with Lowry, Robbers on High Street, and Takka Takka for an enthusiastic audience at the Music Hall of Williamsburg at the end of January.

But, you ask, which song did Jukebox cover? You will be delighted to learn they performed a fantastic rendition of Ace of Base’s “It’s a Beautiful Life.”

Strangely appropriate, don’t you think? You can hear it and the rest of the album, below.





One of the greatest parts of seeing these guys perform live is how expressive they are. Their songs are quirky, and the performance delivers. For example, here’s Ben hitting the high note:


For one of the last songs in their set, the band invited a couple of people on stage to sing along. Jesse passed off some maracas, and it quickly turned into an onstage party.




If you’re interested in catching Jukebox the Ghost, good news! They are on tour with Ben Folds in March, and will be in the UK in April. Tour info is available on their MySpace page.

More photos from this show are available in the Flickr Set.